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I decided I needed to catach our blog up this morning early before everyone gets up. It's worked great untill a few days ago now it slowed down. But there are alot more people here now. They really rolled in after the first of the year. But it's no way near full. It looks like the numbers are down in all the parks in the Rio Grand Valley (RGV).

But back to the internet it dosen't matter to us becuase it's free this year. In years past we used our Verizon MiFi. We always went over our alloted amount of 5GB. This is the only place that it happens at. You know what I say it's becuase we are in Mexico. The US border starts 60 miles North when you go through the Border Patrol check point.

Buttons our dog had company one day. Bandit (Gary & Doris dog) came over and sit with Buttons for a nice relaxing afternoon. I believe fun was had by all.

We had friends from Kentucky stop by the 5th for a couple of days. It was great to visit with them. I believe they ended up in our park by accident or by act of God. But after they got parked they were only two spaces down from us. I was out side and when they came by I didn't know who it was but I told Linda someone from Tenn. plates just came in pulling a jeep. They had just in the last year or so moved to Tenn. We follow there blog and they follow ours we knew they were in North Texas. Linda said that it could be Gary and Linda. My Linda tore out down there and sure enough it was. It was them also with a friend Carol. Did I mention that we had attended the same church in Kentucky.

Wel I'm not cuaght up yet but I'm closer. I'm going with friends to a gun show this morning.

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