What a cool welcome to town...:-)




Beautiful sandy beaches..

Picture showing both lights...

Frankfort North Breakwater Light

Next, we took pictures of the awesome Victorian homes in the area..






Last one, don't miss this awesome town...

This update covers our visit to Frankfort, Michigan. We posted an update about the awesome Point Betsie Lighthouse from Frankfort, but this update covers the town and another lighthouse located right on the beach in Frankfort.

Frankfort is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan. The pristine dunes, parks and beaches are spectacular. We loved taking pictures of the Victorian homes and the picturesque, maple-lined streets. If you love shopping you will also find unique items crafted by local artisans in Frankfort's specialty shops and galleries. Jerry was wishing he had time to go fishing in the bay on Lake Michigan, the fishermen in the area boast about all the perch, Coho and King Salmon in the area. This little town is packed with stuff to see and do.

We also found another awesome lighthouse right on the beach, Frankfort North Breakwater Light. In 1859, two six hundred foot piers were built at the mouth of the Betsie River which leads to Frankfort North Breakwater Light Lake Betsie. In 1867, a new entrance to the channel was dredged approximately seven hundred and fifty feet to the south of the natural outlet. In 1873, the Frankfort North Breakwater lighthouse was built at the end of a long wooden pier with an elevated catwalk which led to the shore.

In 1932, the current lighthouse was situated at the end of what is now the northern concrete pier at the end of Main Street at Frankfort North Breakwater Light the entrance to the harbor of Frankfort. The original pyramid style lighthouse was increased in size by placing it on top of a new two-story addition which is approximately twenty-five feet in height. You can still see the outline of the two doors to the original lighthouse. The catwalk that appears in the original photograph no longer exists. It appears by the existence of a new second story door that the renovated lighthouse was at one time accessed by a catwalk or built to be access by a catwalk. The second story door is ten feet in height which is the height the catwalks were frequently built. The entire lighthouse is now clad with a white steel shell to protect it from Lake Michigan and its storms. The cast iron lantern room, surrounded by a parapet, originally contained a Fifth Order Fresnel lens that was upgraded to a Fourth Order Fresnel lens. This station lighthouse has never been manned.

We enjoyed sitting and watching people play in the sand and the water. Another great day in Michigan, check back later for more.

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