Tracks belonging to the guy next door, Dave pulled him out with...

We call it "Grand Canyon of Texas".

We arrive at Bay View RV Park

register at the office

our setup

view of the lake thru the oaks.

Bambi and Rebecca found the first warning sign...

warning of a local resident alligator, YIKES ! ! !

family club house, where all the action is

this park has many activities

nice sitting area by the former fireplace...

don't know if the pool is warm, we'll check.

if the weather gets bad, might find something to read here...

From NAS Corpus Christi to Rockport is an easy and pleasant highway drive of about 55 miles. We departed NAS CC about 10 a.m., a storm was coming in so we wanted to get upto Rockport and setup long before the front comes thru about 6 p.m.. The timing was right and everything fell into place for us.

This park is charming with it's oak wooded sites and two lakes with some RV parked around them. Though our assigned site wasn't premium it's certainly adequate for the price of $0.00 ! One of the benefit of "system" RV'ing. We did pay a $2/day fee for cable TV, since the 2010 Olympics are coming while we're here. For the $2 we also get access to WIFI throughout the park, but we don't need it as we'll be using our ATT data card. A quick walk around the park to familiarize ourselves with the "lay of the land" found us looking at warning signs near the lakes. Why? Would you ask there would be warning signs? See the pics...

3 days before we departed NAS CC, Dave helped our nextdoor neighbor get his older class A (motorhome)out of his site. Dave reports, the fella was doing ok till he got about halfway out, then bogged down in the squishy heavy water laden soil. Dave turned our truck around so it was facing his coach nose to nose, then hitched up our yellow "yank strap" to the tow hook on the front of our Dodge. Pulling the guy out would have been done in about half the time. Rebecca noticed the guys back wheels turning in reverse, after yelling to notify Dave, everything stopped. Dave let the guy know he's in reverse, the guy felt bad about "accidently bumping his lever". Once everyone was going in the same direction, varoooom he was out in a flash. Look at the pic, we called the tracks, "grand canyon of Texas" . Our space was vacated by a large class A that needed to be towed out by a BIG tow truck, he was evidently upto his axles. then the maintainence guys filled back in with rocks, sand and such, We were worried about sinking, since it had rained alot while we've been here. But when hitch up time came there was no problems at all. We just pulled right out and continued on our way.

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