Wowser Fall colors on the drive today..



The lighthouse is located in Stearns Park, don't miss this awesome park...

Ludington North Pierhead Light





You can take this ferry over to Wisconsin...

The beach area was fantastic, but the rain ruined my pictures....:-)

We loved the cool murals in town...



The cool Court House...

One of many beautiful homes in Ludington...

Last one!

We had another amazing day in Michigan, this time in Ludington. It was quite a drive, about ninety miles, but we wanted to make sure to see the lighthouse in the area. We will be leaving this area in a couple of days and driving right by it on the way to Muskegon.

You can’t just stop anywhere in a forty foot RV pulling a car, so we made sure we got to see this one before moving. :-) We had hoped to see another one there too, but just as we arrived at the state park the rain started coming down like cats and dogs. It would have been a two mile walk in the rain to see it, we will save that one until the next visit. We did get to see the fabulous Ludington North Pier Light and the most amazing beach area in Michigan.

You've seen this lighthouse in numerous photographs, and it is now ranked #1 lighthouse to visit in The Weather Channel voted it one of the top 10 lighthouses to see in the U.S. I think it’s because of the incredible beach and park area location more than the lighthouse itself. The North Breakwater Light is Ludington's focal point, and a great place to watch the sunset or wave at the S.S. Badger carferry as it cruises out onto Lake Michigan. This is the ferry that takes you and your RV and car over to Wisconsin. It would cut out a lot of miles if you were planning to drive back to Wisconsin.

The breakwall leading out to the light is a popular venue for fishermen and those who enjoy walking the mile-long round trip. We would have loved to walk it but not in the pouring rain. :-) Please excuse the pictures today, most were taken from the car trying to keep the camera from getting wet.

I am pasting more information from the website for our lighthouse readers and hope you enjoy. It was another awesome day in Michigan, check back later for more.

Ludington North Pierhead Light

In 1870, Congress appropriated the money needed to build a beacon on the south side of the Ludington Harbor Channel. Ludington North Pierhead Light was first lit 1871. In 1914, the beacon was moved to the Ludington North Pierhead Light north breakwater. In 1870 the beacon was equipped with a Sixth Order Fresnel lens.

In 1924, the three-story 57 foot pyramid-shaped tower was built at the end of a long concrete pier that ends at Stearns Park. The lighthouse is made of steel and reinforced concrete which sits on a large black concrete base that angles toward the side of the pier. The light was automated in 1972. In 1995, the original Fourth Order Fresnel lens, which was installed in 1954, was taken to nearby White Pine Village Maritime Museum for exhibit. The lighthouse marks the entrance to Pere Marquette Harbor, once a popular shipping lane for ships carrying lumber.

Directions: From the junction of US-31 and US-10 just east of Ludington, go west on US-10 (Ludington Avenue) about 3.7 miles to the end of the road, at Stearns Park.

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