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When we arrived in San Diego last February we felt like this was the start of our trip to Alaska. Where do you start when you are fulltiming? Because we were following the West Coast up to British Columbia, we felt like this was the beginning but we did have to make a few detours inward to see family in the LA area and to get warm in Palm Springs. The last commitment we had though was the Escapades in Chico. This turned out to be one of the nicest weeks we have spent. We met a whole lot of people that we have been talking to on the 'net and they were super. I was so glad to meet Judy Lund last night as we have been talking for a long time. Be sure to keep up your web site and we will do ours every day that we can get on-line. Just as we were hooking up today, we met some more of the Fulltiming Class of 2005. They were just a couple of RV's away but until we saw his shirt from the 2005 class we had no idea they were there.

Saying goodbye to all the big riggers was hard. What a nice bunch of people. They never once laughed at our 350 Ford and made us feel very welcome.

Saying goodbye to Smokey and Pam was even harder but we know we will be seeing them again before long. Happy Trails to Smokey, Pam, Buster and Bailey. We love you guys.

Our last stop in Chico was to get the rest of our RV weighed. Everything went so smooth and we can't tell you how organized they were. The final figures for us was great until we came to the weight on the RV Tires. We were overweight about 250 pounds. This is the first time we had as much water in the RV and don't plan on doing that too often but it still bothers us. We dropped about 300 pounds when we got rid of the used water but when we have to replace the tires we will make sure they can handle anything we might have to carry.

After leaving the weigh station, we stopped at a Trader Joe's. This is a first for us and after finding all kinds of groceries we needed we found the Two Buck Charlie Wine. Wow. We had tasted it before and found it to be very good and while most people were buying it by the cases, we knew we were going over the border soon so just bought four bottles . Now this is $1.99 1 bottle and tastes as good as any of the $30.00 bottles.

we bought before.

We tried our first bottle out after wer returned to the KOA we stayed at last week. Wine and cheese with leftover salad on the patio. That's the way to go.

Bill spent the afternoon up on the roof trying to remove the salt air that had landed on it and I sat out in 88 degree sun. I am really glistening. If you have ever read the book "Men sweat, Women Glisten", you will know what I mean. I'll have to let you know later if we take advantage of the all you can eat crab tonight.........................

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