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North Pole/Fairbanks to Healy, so many rivers go to the Tanana River

The Parks Highway

Tanana River in the distance from the ridge highway


An "Adult Humor" bar on Highway 3




The Tribal Community of Nenana

The Fireweed Roadhouse is for Sale, any buyers?



Coming closer to the Alaskan Range

Leading us to Denali


Climbing higher in elevation

Now the mountains are getting glacial in the distance

View of the hill behind our RV park

Awesome view across from Denali RV Park

Today’s drive was just 2.5 hours going 122.7 miles south to Healy which is just north of Denali National Park.

We were on the Parks Highway, thinking it was because of Denali National Park, but no. It was named after George Alexander Parks who was named Governor of Alaska by President Coolidge in 1925. He was a Mining Engineer who came to Alaska in 1907 to do research for a private mining company.

Most of the drive was on a ridge overlooking so many miles of forests and glimpses of rivers. This area of the highway is call Skyline Drive. We crossed the Nenana River and other small rivers. We also drove through the Tribal Community of Nenana.

We began climbing in elevation as we neared Denali, now in the foothills of the Alaskan Range. We started to see glacial mountains in the distance.

Denali RV Park was on the small side but could accommodate us and a caravan. They also had some cabins for car travelers. We were nestled between a large hill behind the park and the river and an awesome mountain range across the highway.

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