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Willow to Wasilla

Following the Tenana River now


Another old burn area

The city of Houston allows fireworks



Pretty flowers in the shape of a flag

Palmer Elks Lodge at last

It feels like we are home



The Elks deck at the lake edge

The mountains are hazy but beginning to clear

Drone photos of the Elks lodge and surrounding lake area





Wasilla is our destination today to the Palmer Elks Lodge in Wasilla just 1.25 hours, traveling 55.9 miles.

I did a quick load of laundry early as we packed up to leave before by 9:30, knowing I won’t have a sewer at the Elks Lodge. As we were passing through the city of Houston, AK we saw so many Fireworks Stands as they are the only city selling them and the only Borough (county) that is allowed to sell them. We stopped for fuel after Houston before entering Wasilla, because of great fuel prices there.

Palmer Elks Lodge had plenty of spaces in the corner with 30 amp electric. It was cooler and nice by this lovely lake front lodge. Sadly, the beautiful mountains were hidden by smoke.

We sat out by lake for a while, went in our coach for lunch afterwards going to Wal Mart for much needed supplies. We had some more outside lake front time in the afternoon and decided we all were craving pizza. We went to get some take-out pizza and sat outside eating by the lakeside, as we watched the haze beginning to lift. At last we began see the mountains. We so enjoy it here at Palmer Elks Lodge.

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