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It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!


Mark, the human pawn

I don't know what it is about Salzburg, but it felt like such a magical place. Perhaps it was the snow falling, the Christmas market, or the hot wine we were enjoying outdoors over a huge iron pot with a warm fire crackling inside - whatever the case, it felt more like Christmas in winter wonderland than it did like Thanksgiving. We felt no mad dash to go to the mall to buy Christmas presents. We were at peace to enjoy Mozart's city and the Christmas carolers while the snow fluttered down upon us. We didn't even mind the cold, even if it was -10 degrees celcius. Our only regret is that we had such little time to enjoy Salzburg. Of the two days here, we spent one of those days on a day trip to Hallstat, so we really only had an evening to enjoy Salzburg itself. The day we departed, we did a mad 1-hour tour of the city before having to take the train to Czech Republic. Had our Indian visas in Hungary been processed faster, we would have had more time here, but then again, we would have mised the snow and the magic of this place in the winter.

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