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Our day began with a tour of the “Port Royal Habitation”. This is a 1939 reconstruction of the original 1605 french built fort like structure which was used as a trading post for trade with the Mi’Kmag, the native people of this region. This site is on the beautiful sheltered harbor of Port-Royal and is a very worthwhile stop on your travels.

This region changed hands between the French and British several times over the centuries of 1600, 1700 and 1800 and leaves a confusing history to decifer. Even the Scots had a brief period of settlement in the late 1820’s. (The name “Nova Scotia” is Latin for New Scotland).

Our next point of interest was “Fort Anne” in the town of Annapolis Royal. Today the fort represents the changes and succession of five forts built by both the French and British over the centuries. Most Acadians expelled from Grand Pre were deported from this region by the British at Port-Royal.

Many former slaves who fought on the side of the British in the American revolutionary war and later settled in this region were termed “Black Loyalists to Britain”.

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