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What a way to start off the celebrations!

Opening ceremonies at the Presidential Palace

Lithuania's female president reportedly has a black belt in karate!

These kids play a big role in the festivities

So adorable!

What a fun entry to the City Hall celebration

Fabulous local singer chants "Welcome to Lithuania!"

Proud of their Lithuanian heritage



Traditional arts and crafts being passed to the next generation

The entire town is celebrating!

Great traditional performers

Diverse Lithuanian ethnicities represented.

More arts and crafts at the National Museum

I finally found traditional eggs!

I love how the children work together on these cut outs.

Weaving uses creative materials

Straw mobile making

Carrying on the long history of ceramics

Time to head to the festivities at the nearby park

There's music...

and dancing...

and food...

and special pastry-type bread...

that drips over a fire...

and kids enjoying some treats from near...

and far (Canada)!

and traditional crafts...

Fran finds his gram's poppyseed cake!

Fran finds Portland on the globe of Lithuanian emigrants!

Hooded ladies along the main street of Vilnius

Random Hari Krishna parade and festival

Beautiful robes on women young and old

Precious girl getting her face painted for the festivities

Definitely the land of the beautiful ladies!

Bare lady riding a bear is symbolic of the city

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