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Everything stowed and ready for the day's drive

Leave me alone, Mom!

On part of our drive this morning, thousands of birds peppered the sky, performing a synchronized dance in waves overhead. It was so beautiful to watch! We had a nice, easy drive today: We were able to find places to pull off as needed for potty and lunch breaks, the weather warmed up into the 60’s, and the sun shone all day. We got to our Kerrville campground around 4:30. I went into the office to check-in while Bill unhooked the car. The office had already closed for the day (it used to stay open on Sunday until 5:00). I wanted to make sure our site was open before Bill maneuvered the beast over there (it’s a huge campground), so I took the car over to the site first to check it out. Sure enough, our space was clear and seemingly waiting patiently for us to occupy it (so, we did!). We will check in with the office when it opens tomorrow. Bill got the water, sewer, and electric set up outside while I un-stowed the chairs, rugs, etc., and prepped and cooked supper. We both got our showers this evening, and now are wiped out. Tomorrow is for sleeping in – no alarms! We will spend part of tomorrow finishing the setup (bird feeder, inside décor, etc.). We also need to take the car to the car wash. From being pulled behind the rig, it is completely covered in grit. We are under a Winter Storm Watch for Tuesday morning. For this area, that usually means ice, not snow, but we may get both. Not what we had hoped for, especially after traveling nearly 1,000 miles south to get away from winter!

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