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It was Ron's habit to go to breakfast many mornings at a small cafe in town. He knew most everyone there, and they knew him. kind of like going to breakfast in Calhan or in Pagosa. Joan said she did not always go, but she would go if I would, and so we four went to breakfast the first day. There is a gentleman who is friends with Ron who was usually there also, and he enjoyed kidding everyone about everything. He was especially fond of odd bits of trivia, so asked Joan and I if we knew how many holes were in a saltine or a Ritz cracker. Of course we did not know, but you can be sure he did!

That evening they took us out to a fine steakhouse for our anniversary( 36 years,) and the next night to a wonderful Amish restaurant. The men spent their time looking over the property while Joan and I just visited.

Unfortunately Joan's time off came to a screeching halt when one of her employees was off sick. She owns a granite company, and they were extremely busy this close to the holidays, so she was needed. She left on the 15th to drive to McDonough (the location of the company) while we kept to the routine of breakfast in town. Then Ron drove us around the Hartwell area. They are situated on a large lake on the border of Georgia and South Carolina. Quite a pretty area and very busy in the summertime.

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