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Evolution of surfboards

Jesus wore hemp? Hmm, town of Nimbin.. Smokers paradise

Ocean view, Surfers Paradise in the background to the left


White beach

Huge buildings


Me inside!


Inside the zorb

Bonnie Ross

Let's all be friends day

Church i Brisbane by night

Another old building at night

Looks cool

Aboriginal art

Pauline and Bonnie at their home in Greenslopes, Brisbane

Bonnie is fighting a cold...

Rainbow beach... not much beach though..

First sight of Fraser Island (net really Fraser, but close enough..)

Hej Moar

Cool boat at the pier on Fraser Island

It surely is a 100% sand island

Going off-road! YES!

Driving onto the beach and the sign says "Aircraft LANDING area"??

This is a real Australian Highway with speedlimits and all

Toyota Land Cruiser

Land Rover Defender going downhill, one way hill...

Go go gadget swimmers!

There is no rock, exept for three small areas up north, on...

Sand sand and more sand

nice guy at Eli Creek

Plane on the beach

Coloured sands - read it if you want :-)


Crazy ocean, sharks very close by - do not swim!

No comment

The Maheno wreck - an old cruise liner running between Auckland and...

Very old and very rusty

The Maheno

The Maheno

The Maheno

The Maheno

Rainforest on Fraser Island, it's a sand island with only a thin...

Lake Mckenzie

Lake Mckenzie

Nice boardies

Welcome back!

This entry is about my journey to Brisbane and Harvey Bay, the access point to Fraser Island.

After my stay in Byron Bay, where I learned to surf for real - which was infinitely awesome, I jumped back onto the Oz Bus to go to Brisbane. I don't know if you remember it but back in late October when I was in Bay of Islands in New Zealand, I met "the Aussie Chick" Bonnie Ross

and she invited me to stay with her when I came to Brisbane.. So there you have it, I held my word, we met up and I stayed three nights with Bonnie, and Pauline her mom, in their wonderful Queenslander home in Greenslopes, suburb to Brissie.

Bonnie and Pauline both work at the local hospital, Pauline as Hospital Manager (sort of) and Bonnie as receptionist? (don't kill me if my memory's fading a bit..)

Anyway, it was soo nice to see her again, and to stay in a real house with all the goodies that comes with it. After a good nights sleep I dug into downtown Brisbane. Next night we went out to Fortitude Valley, the spot in Brissie to experience live music, and had a blast :-) Good beer and good vibes.

Next night was also my last, so I volunteered to cook the all time best Lasagna ever. I think they're still chewing... ;-) Pasta and red wine, you can't fail.

Next stop on my journey, yes travelling in Australia in a slow bus IS a journey, was Harvey Bay the access point to Fraser Island.

Fraser Island is a remarkable place, the largest sand island in the world no less, no rocks anywhere except for three places way up north. So virtually without any rocks... You get the point. more about that later.

After the extremely long bus journey, I checked in at Beaches Hostel a very cool place with a nice pool and a good bar.

Next day I went on a one day trip to Fraser Island with Kingfisher Tours to see most of the hot-spots including Lake McKenzie and the wreck of the Maheno. The day started out with a short trip with catamaran from Harvey Bay to Fraser Island, there we boarded a huge 4WD truck and drove away. Quite an exhilarating experience to be in the front seat... (truth be told, I almost got carsick..)

Check out the photos from Fraser :-)

Next entry is about the trip from Harvey Bay to Kroombit farm station.

CYA! Soeren

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