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My bedroom. It was worse than it looks

I arrived at the Mingo RV Park (a total misnomer - I would describe it as a place for

those really, really down on their luck to live - NOT an RV park) mid afternoon on Friday the 29th. I had driven over 400 miles and as dreary and cramped and dismal as this place looked, I didn't have it in me to continue to look for somewhere else.

I had chosen Tulsa as it was 8 degrees 'warmer' than Coffeyville in Kansas...which was a couple of degrees warmer than Chanute, my ultimate destination on this leg of my trip home. Chanute was going to be in the minus figures at night and I just didn't want to put me and, most especially, my 5th wheel through those degrees. If I didn't have to...I could choose not to.

Tulsa was COLD. Thirty-six degrees when I arrived, but dropping quickly to 4 at night and to 20 degrees in the day at the high point when I left. I had water on Friday the 29th and that was the end of it. I had gallon jugs of water for flushing and dishes and me, and refilled them as necessary up at their laundry facilities. The laundry room was large and had a very comfy sitting area with big screen TV. The Wifi at the park was super and the local TV stations were clear HD on antenna. My satellite worked for the first time since I had left home for all the cable channels. No trees. My truck started flawlessly each time I had to drive up to the office and facilities. Since I was 'stuck' there for 4 nights, I was glad it was so cold I had no desire or reason to enjoy the out-of-doors. So cold and uncomfortable, I even failed to take a photo during my Oklahoma stay...well, except for that one above.

I spent the weekend moving everything I could move to my bedroom as new carpet and cabinets were going to be installed in Chanute where my rig was manufactured. Now doing business as Kansas RV Center, I trust them implicitly. All the stuff in my desk components, all my dishes, pots/pans, stuff and more stuff had to go 'upstairs'. Even Boots didn't want to go up to the bedroom.

When I left Tuesday at 11 a.m. (waiting for a rise in the temp) it was 20 degrees and so cold I couldn't unscrew my hose. I (dummy) should have brought it inside on Friday after I turned off the water before night fell and the cold front arrived. I didn't, and the connection was a very awkward 18' below ground and well, it became my gift to Mingo.

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