Following Hurricane Matthew - Winter 2017 travel blog

Usually when we leave for the winter after the holidays, I shovel all the left-over food into the motor home and leave the kitchen clean and empty. With this year's before and after the holidays approach, I left some things behind that didn't seem worth schlepping in the car. There's a very fat mouse somewhere that enjoyed what we left behind. The mess he left wasn't anything that a vacuum couldn't take care of, but we are left wondering if he's still here and now we've brought him a replenished supply of snack food that he can feast on once again when we leave next week.

There was that mess to clean up and when we went in the basement we found a growing puddle. We had the water turned off while we were gone, so the puddle was new. It seemed like it was coming from the water osmosis machine under the kitchen sink, so now we have piles of wet under-the-sink stuff sitting around with all the stuff we brought in from the motor home. Chaos!

All the driving Ken did yesterday paid off. We got home early in the afternoon, having gained an hour on CST. We brought things inside until we were ready to collapse in exhaustion. It will be easy to finish the rest tomorrow. We have a new spot to park the motor home about six miles from here, so if we forgot something, it won't be hard to go get it.

There are absolutely no signs of spring here, but there are no signs of snow either. Good enough.

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