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Yes it was wet and no this isn't worth a postcard

Of all the places she could park in the car park she...

Activity of the day - feed the ducks, ok swans it was...

The news here is about people dying in floods and enormous numbers of refugees drowning as they try to get to Europe. So I am not complaining that we had quiet a rainy day. We drove to where they make water (Evian) and had lunch by the lake. Lunch was in a Tibetan restaurant decorated with anything from China to India. On the way we saw how using a helicopter they put these enormous nets up against the so steep sides of the road so that most (note not all) rocks on the steep (I use that word a lot here) mountains don't fall to the road. Two blokes on the steep mountain abseiling to tie the net on while the helicopter holds it in place. Amazing.

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