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Pendleton Rodeo, home of Pendleton Roundup

Fantastic sculpture out front

Hamley Saddle Shop

Sculpture inside the saddle shop

Incredible detail

Hamley Saddles

Hamley made little saddles for Roy Rogers Restaraunts. Anyone remember these?

Saddle Makers shop

Carving the seat of the saddle

Saddle made for Larry Mahon

Beautiful brass ceiling

Another sculpture in the shop. A whole art section was upstairs too.

We had spent the night in Stanfied Oregon, and in the morning we left the trailer at the campground and drove into Pendleton, home of the famous Pendleton Roundup. The roundup is in the fall.

We took a tour of the Pendleton Woolen Mill where they use their big jacquard looms and make a twin size wool blanket in only 20 minutes. And they have a LOT of looms! They receive the wool which is washed, and some pre-dyed in Washougal, then sent to Pendleton where it is combed, spun and plied into yarn. The jacquard looms are computerized and know when to pick up each color for particular patterns. It was fun to watch.

Down the street we went to Hamley Saddle shop. They have been making saddles there for many years and are well respected. A basic saddle from them goes for about $3000 with custom saddles going into the ten thousand range. Each basic saddle takes about a week. The saddle maker (Justin) allowed us to come in his workspace and see the tools and process up close. Very cool.

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