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The gremlins have been overly active today; they attacked me and the auto shop! The mechanic had a lot of unusual challenges with a car that was ahead of mine, so that job took much longer than expected. Then we had a rain storm and lightning knocked out their electricity. When the power came back on, it took them a while to get their computer system back up.

When the mechanic started to install new brake pads on my car, he discovered that they were not the right ones; but he thought he could get replacements in time to finish the job before closing time. They sent the courtesy driver to get me before the main evening rush hour began. I took several magazines to read while I waited. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get the replacement parts in time and they couldn’t do the realignment until after the brake job was done. That meant that I would have to leave my car there over the week end.

They called about a rental car for me but the only things available were big SUVs, so they decided against that option. They called a cab to take me home and told me that they would deduct the cost of the fare from my repair bill on Monday. It came to nearly $31. They said I could take a cab to church Sunday morning, too. They told me several times that they appreciated the fact that I didn’t yell at them!

I guess I’ll have to take the bus to exercise class Monday morning, unless I decide to skip the class.

I hope next week will be better.

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