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Across Lake Garda

Lakeside View

Forward Rowing

Grass Covered Car

Couldn't sleep last night as we missed the patter of rain on the roof, we've got so used to hearing it. Joy of joy, it started raining again at 6am, just after I got up. We set off at 7.30am & headed up to a Sosta at Peschiera on the shores of Lake Garda. What a great decision, it is a lovely spot & the Sosta is excellent & within a 1/4 mile of the old town centre & Lake Garda itself.

By the time we arrived at 10o/c the rain had stopped & the sun was actually out, haven't seen that for a couple of days. We took the time before lunch to clean Elsie up a bit, inside & outside & then after lunch we strolled down & around the town & along the lakeside. It was a lovely afternoon & the setting was really beautiful with snow capped mountains peering through the mist in the distance across the lake to the North.

One interesting sight was to see men rowing boats standing up & facing forwards. We watched a couple, one with two men rowing & another with four men. At least they could see where they were actually going unlike normal rowing where the oarsmen have their backs to their destination.

Another interesting sight was the little Fiat car all covered in artificial grass & with a golf ball stuck on top.

A lovely walk in an idyllic setting, much better than trudging round another city.

Mileage today - 80

Total Mileage to date - 4,033

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