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This installment has been delayed a bit. When we returned from our journey we prepared to go to the PleasureWay Rally at Hershey, PA. While at Hershey the hard drive on the computer "fried" - 30 days after its purchase! The laptop spent month or so with the Geek Squad being repaired under warranty.


Started our day with a stop in Mithell, SD. We wanted to view the famous Corn Palace. The Corn Palace is a city owned venue that hosts basketball and volleyball games, concerts, plays, lectures, etc. The exterior of the building is decorated with murals. The murals change each fall and are made from corn grown especially for the project. We could see the outlines of the unfinished murals. Kind of a paint by number system using ears of corn instead of paint. This year the entrance to the Palace is undergoiong renovations so we could only view one side of the building and go inside. Fencing kept us out of the front. There was a college volleyball invitational being played. The ladies at the gift shop across from the Palace were a wealth of information. They showed sample ears of the corn grown especially for the murals. It is too hard for birds to eat so they are not usually a problem. The areas between and around the murals consist of wheat stalks. It's an all natural project. The people of Mitchell hold the Corn Palace in high esteem. Even the lightpoles have ears of corn embossed on the base.

We crossed into Iowa around 1:00 PM and headed to Council Bluffs to pick up I-80, making the turn southeast towards home. Found 5:00 Mass in the farming community of Greenfield. As usual the first 4 pews were empty and the last 7 were full. Greenfield is a pretty community that reminded us of Versailles.

Returned to I-80 and found a series of wind turbines along the Interstate. Stopped in Des Moines at our new favorties restarurant - Famous Dave's BBQ. Again ordered the brisket burger and chicken sandwiches and split the orders - Yum. We overnighted at Camp Walmart in Newton, IA.

AUGUST 31, 2014

Traveled the road through Iowa and into Illinois. Made it to Peoria in time to take a sternwheeler ride on the Spirit of Peoria. This was a 90 minute trip on the Illinois River. The boat was packed. There weren't enough chairs for those who wanted to sit out on the decks and watch the scenery. People were bringing chairs out from the diniing room. We grabbed a chaise from a stack under the stairs and sat along the railing. Unfortunately we were on the wrong side of the boat to follow the narritive of what was along the shore. Still enjoyed the scenery and wide variety of boats that were using the waterway. Seems like everyone who owned a watercraft was out on the river enjoying the holiday weekend. After the cruise we found a Texas Roadhouse next to the highway. Devoured the smothered chicken - another Yum meal. On the road again heading east. Overnighted at Camp Walmart near Brownsburg, IN.


Sixty-six days on the road and we're gonna make it home tonight . . .

Alarm set for 7 AM, awakened by voices and car doors slamming outside the window at 6:30 AM. Soon we were surounded by cars & trucks of varying makes and condition. A car swap? Flea Market? No . . . Hot Rod Magazine and U-Tube were coming to town. Hot Rod Magazine goes around the country looking for "vintage" vehicles to buy. The vehicles are either tricked out and shown off or put in demolition derbies. The results of both are followed on U-Tube. Big happenings for the village of Brownsburg, Indiana!

Glad to say it was an uneventful trip through the rest of Indiana and into OHIO! We stopped at Flying J in Vandalia to empty the tanks and made the last trek northwest to home. Luckily we fueled up in Richmond before hitting the high priced Ohio gas stations. Arrived home around 1:30 logging 12,570 miles and 66 days on this journey.

We have been truly blessed to make this trip. The guardian angel flying on our rearview mirror did her job protecting us from danger. Too bad she couldn't beep the horn and make a ruckus when thieves were entering the RV.

Our PleasureWay beauty performed admirably. Cimbing mountains, down hills, through rain and wind storms and over pothole infested dirt and gravel roads she never failed us. We were able to go on roads the bigger rigs could not maneuver. Our 8'x20' space gave us just enough room. Because we are self-contained we were able to boondock more than half the nights. We could pull into a spot, lock the doors, pull the curtains and be ready to call it a night.

Thank you for following our trip reports. We hope you enjoyed sharing our journey. If you have not yet done so, we encourage everyone to get out there and see the wonders of this great land. America abounds with spectacular natural beauty for all to enjoy. We can't pick a favortie spot because we truly enjoyed each place we visited. Most days we did not have a set agenda. We knew the general route for the day but if something appealed to us along the way we would head in that direction and usually find a hidden gem. Talking to those we met along the way usually gave us an idea for another spot to visit.

We will head to Hershey, PA Sept. 9 -14 for the PleasureWay Owners Rally and a huge RV show. Already thinking about next years trip - Oregon, coastal California, Utah, Colorado . . . so many places, have to make the time to get there.

Until next time when we're "On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again" . . .

Love you all, Tom & Charlene

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