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A view of the old town from the bridge.

A tidy little garden on a side street in Miltenberg.

The old bridge at Miltenberg.

Saturday May 10 - Miltenburg (Wertheim)

Last night while we were having dinner the ship turned eastward and entered the River Main, a tributary of the Rhine. The Main is much narrower and has been canalized in parts. We entered our first lock while we having dinner, and passed through at least four or five more locks during the night and another early in the morning. The Viking ships are designed to 'just' fit widthwise and lengthwise, and with the walls of the locks only inches away, we could easily touch them.

We took our time getting ready for breakfast as we were to spend the entire morning on the ship before reaching Miltenburg. In mid-morning there was a glass blowing demonstration in the lounge by a glass-blower from Wertheim. When the ship is travelling in the opposite direction from Budapest to Amsterdam, it docks at Wertheim, but we would not be getting the chance to see his workshop.

We had lunch and arrived in Miltenburg in plenty of time for our shore trip at 2:30, which began in the rain! Up until the it had been a cloudy day with no rain, but it poured for a while as soon as we disembarked.

Miltenburg is in Bavaria and is known for its half timbered houses. It is very picturesque and would be delightful to see on a warm summers day. Our guided tour lasted for an hour and a half, then we were on 'free time' for another three hours. In the cold and wet it was not so much fun, but we did stop for a hot chocolate and a piece of cake which was very nice. Also, the shops were closed after 2:00 so there was only window shopping to entertain us.

Unfortunately we learned that the ship was delayed in clearing the locks and was not at our destination in Wertheim. We boarded a bus to take us another 35 kilometres to Wertheim where we were to meet our ship. We sat in the front seats of a double decker bus, so we had a nice view of the countryside during our ride. Since the ship had still not arrived in Wertheim, the Viking company arranged for all 160 of us to wait in several nearby cafes or pubs, where we enjoyed a drink while waiting for the ship to arrive.

For dinner we joined Pat, Larry, Anne and John from Montana. Later we went to the lounge for a music quiz night. It was fun and we sat at the bar with a few folks. We performed quite well on the quiz, but did not win. We retired to bed shortly after the quiz.

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