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Carpes resting at Long Branch State Park

Interstate 72 in Illinois is a nice road
Sunday morning traffic (or lack...

US 36 merged with I 72 near Springfield

Approaching the Mississippi River on I 72

The Mississippi River
It is sooo good to be west of it...

We entered Missouri at Hannibal

US 36 in eastern Missouri

US 36 is a nice road in Missouri

Long Branch State Park is just west of Macon

Long Branch Lake borders the State Park

Sun, 24 Aug: We crossed the Mississippi today and it really feels grand!

OK, so we're anti east coast snobs. We admit it yet offer no apologies. Sandi was born on the east coast (Pennsylvania) but it just doesn't suit our way of life any longer. Too many folks, traffic, and wayyyy too many taxes. Give us the sunset side of the Big River any day.

We awoke to dense fog in the Champaign area, but once we finished breakfast and got everything ready for the road it had mostly dissipated. Sandi drove us out of the RV park (around the huge boulders and dodging the low tree branches) back to I 57 south to I 72. We had never traveled on I 72 before and found it to be a well maintained highway. First thing on a Sunday morning and the traffic was very, very light which suited us just fine.

We continued west on I 72 passing thru Springfield toward the Missouri border. About half way Bob took the helm and guided us across the Mississippi (those whoops you heard around 1145 Central time was us cheering the crossing.)

We entered Missouri at Hannibal and continued west on US 36. I 72 "disappears" west of Hannibal but US 36 remains. US 36 is a divided road with a 65mph limit. But, because it is not a limited access highway it does not qualify as an Interstate. A nice road nevertheless.

Just west of Macon we exited US 36 and drove into the Long Branch State Park. This is a very nice state park located on the shores of Long Branch Lake, a Corps of Army Engineers dam & lake. We got a nice 50 amp dry camp site with good solar and satTV sky views. The 50 amp service is important as the temperature is well into the nineties and doing without AC is not an option. Hence our stays at parks rather than Wallys.

Once set up we drove into Macon for a fast food fix. We're now back at the coach catching up on Journals and other computer chores (excellent Verizon coverage here). We are, as yet, undecided if we'll stay an extra day or press on in the morning. This is a very nice place and is virtually deserted (it must have been a mob scene yesterday with all the weekenders).

We still have almost 900 miles to go to reach Rapid City, but we have five days to cover them. We have reservations for a Friday arrival.

Guess we'll sleep on it & decide in the morning (one of the real joys of retirement).

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