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It was hot, but I'm not sure i could have gone quite...

The croc lagoon, warning the crocs to look out

A slightly unsettling sight at the park exit

Litchfield np - Magnetic termite mounds- pretty amazing

The cathedral mounds are pretty impressive too

Litchfeild np - Wangi Falls - enormous relief from the heat!

Wangi Falls rock climbing

Reading in the shallows before moving to the deep

Shoot em up water pistol fight


From the moment the sun got up this was an unpleasantly hot (and humid) day. By the time we got into the car after packing up camp, we were already fairly sweat-drenched and as we exited the caravan park we saw some more evidence of the fact that the fire of the previous afternoon must have got a little out of control - a chopper and 3 or 4 fire service utes by the road.

We made our way back out to the Stuart Highway and then took the turn-off to Litchfield NP. On our way to camping and swimming spots we stopped for a look at the magnetic termite mounds. These unique things are all built in a north-south orientation so that one broad side of the mound will always be in shade and therefore the termites will always have an area which is at the right temperature for them.

Heading further into the park we were hoping to camp at the Wangi (Wong-guy) falls campground but found it rather full. After doing a loop in the car without seeing any vacant spots, a closer inspection on foot revealed a site that no one seemed to have noticed, and I think was the last free one. Even though it was well and truly lunch time once we'd set up, cooling off was foremost on the mind. We got our togs on, grabbed the lunch esky and headed down to the falls - what a relief to get into that water. All five of us swam over to the falls together, and there were plenty of other people cooling off there too.

Lunch beside the plunge pool followed, after which we were starting to feel the heat again. The kids and I went in for another swim and Sal submerged herself (after a while right up to her neck) while reading her book. We didn't head back to the site until five o'clock when it had started to cool down a little.

After dinner we took our picnic rug down to the spot where a ranger slide show gave us some great info on Litchfield. Perhaps the most eye-opening of this information was that the waterhole we'd spent hours in is considered the 'least safe' in the park as it's the one most easily accessible to saltwater crocs!

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