Baldina Sunset

Drying out

One of the small mobs

Dust and Thunder



Hitch Hiker

The littlest Rouseabout

Mum & Dad take a break

Do you like my new hair colour?

Man on a Mission

Is it my turn yet?

Short back and sides thanks

Now that's a load off

Plum tuckered out

16th October to 6th November, 2013

As you can see from the picture, the sunsets aren’t as spectacular here as they are further out west but still nice all the same and a lovely way to end the day.

You wouldn’t believe the difference a couple of weeks make.

Back when we first arrived here it was lush and green, now it’s very dry and the only greens that can be seen are the salt bush type weeds.

There has been no rain in the two months of our stay and the day we plan on leaving they forecast 20mm. We will make sure that it rains; we are going to wash the truck tomorrow. LOL.

Station Managers and Rouseabouts are worth more money!!!!!

It has been a hectic time here on Baldina of late.

Over 5,000 sheep of all ages to be mustered and then drafted and some sold off with or without fleece and the rest to be shorn.

There are five shearers, 3 rouseabouts, two wool classers and of course Natalie and Kobey and four of us grey nomads. They are averaging 600 per day and not once did the call go out for “TAR BOY”.

Even the littlest rouseabout has to get in on the act.

Each mob that is brought in numbers anywhere from 500 to 700 and as you can imagine they kick up a lot of dust and when they are on the run it’s like a low rumble till they pass by. Just make sure all the windows and doors are closed.

Sometimes it’s all too much for one of them so she hitches a ride with Kobey.

The three men did the drafting, sorting out which ones to keep, which ones to send to market, which ones to send to the butchers. It also entails at this stage separating the ewes from the lambs.

They sold a couple of hundred at the markets and were very pleased with the return. They are bringing top dollar at the moment we are told.

Then it’s off to be shorn. They are a top team of shearers with very few nicks and cuts which as Kobey has told us makes a big difference to last year when the team he had were very careless which lead to losing a few sheep to blood loss and one of his top rams as well.

After they are shorn it’s into the “race” to be drenched, inoculated and sprayed with some pretty bright yellow sheep wash which helps to keep down the incidents of fly strike.

Believe me it’s not a pretty sight to see a sheep with fly infestation and if not noticed and treated fairly quickly invariably leads to death for the poor animal.

The rams were brought in this morning (6th) and were put into the pens inside the shed. These animals are so big and strong that if you were head butted by one in the leg you would be in plaster for the next few weeks, so to minimise accidents, both to the shearers and everyone else involved, they are mildly sedated, which only last for about an hour, just enough time for them to be shorn and turned into the outside pens to recover.

The dogs have been working hard for over a week now and it’s a pleasure to watch them. They are only young, the bigger of the red dogs is just two, the three darker ones are 12 months old and the little red one is just a baby at 6 months. They are all still learning but to the untrained eye you would never know it. They sure have earned their rest.

157 bales of wool and it’s all over for another year on Baldina.

We have enjoyed our time here and have done some things that you would never imagine either of us doing. As I said before you are never too old to learn.

We will take tomorrow off, well as much as possible, just washing the vehicle and packing up to be ready for our Friday departure.

We are heading to Temora via Renmark South Australia, Mildura NSW, Hay, Rankin Springs, West Wyalong and hopefully by Sunday evening into Temora.

We will spend a week at Temora and take a look at some block of land and with any luck purchase one of the 11 I have earmarked, arrange for a double garage and carport to be built and then it’s back to Ulladulla by around the 21st November to sort out, toss out, sell off, give away and pack up what’s left.

Yes, we are selling up in Ulladulla and moving to Temora.

Wish us luck.

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