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Walking up to the building at the begininng of the tour

Montecello from the rear gardens

The view from Montecello

At the Slaves quarters, wilting in the heat

Jefferson's grave

Walking back to the visitor's center

Tired, hot and ready to go

Group shot with Thomas

Today, we left the cousins’ house early. We were told we would wake up at 7:00am, but Dad woke us up at 6:00am! So you think, “Wow. 6:00am, sort of early, but sometimes I wake up then” Well, think of this: 6:00am EASTERN time is 3:00am Pacific Time. Get the picture? Very tiring, but we were fully functioning. After we left, we drove 3 hours to Monticello. On the way, we stopped for breakfast in Richmond, capital of Virginia. In case you don’t know, Monticello was Thomas Jefferson’s house, and the name means “Little Mountain.” We took the tour, and it was very cool. We walked through his house, and there were a lot of ingenious things in it. For example, he had a clock that also told the days of the week, using cannonballs. But, there was only space for 5 ½ days on his wall! What did he do? Why, he dug a hole in the floor, and let it go down to the basement! Cool, huh? I also learned that, sadly, he was in debt when he died. After we left Monticello, we drove another two and a half hours to Manassas, where we stayed for the night.

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