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'Saint Ursula', c. 1583, Bartholomaeus Spranger, oil on panel

'Saint Margaret', c. 1583, Bartholomaeus Spranger, oil on panel

'Saint Catherine', c. 1583, Bartholomaeus Spranger, oil on panel

Front to Back/ Emma & Vera; Barbara, Virginia & Glenda; Dianne, Inge...

Today there were eight of us who attended the Bach cantata at the Blanton Museum of Art. Emma Brisban was with us for the first time. We had to go in two cars because no one’s vehicle had enough space and seat belts for that many passengers.

Today’s cantata was “Gott ist unser Zuversicht / BWV 197” (God is our Confidence). The original version was written for Christmas Day, probably 1728, which exists as only a fragment. Much later a version was made for a wedding, which is the version that exists today in complete form. It is a beautiful piece.

The featured work of art was “Saint Ursula” an oil on canvas c. 1583 by Bartholomaeus Spranger. It is a small painting displayed with two others of the same size by Spranger. These three saints are shown with their identifying attributes: Saint Ursula with the 11 other virgins martyred with her on their return from a pilgrimage to Rome by the Huns, Saint Margaret with the dragon which she saw in a vision and from whose belly she escaped, and Saint Catherine standing on the emperor who had her beheaded for converting to Christianity and causing many others to convert.

We had lunch at the Blanton Café and then checked out the things in the gift shop. I was tempted by a shoulder bag with multiple pockets but passed it by this time, hoping that it will go on sale soon.

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