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I actually felt quite alert today and eager for a training session.

Normally I'm awake and in the zone by breakfast then on the way to training the journey gets me prepared and active. However this is normally quashed by Miguel's team talks at the start of every training session so I feel tired again when we start.

Training was the best one yet, probably because we didn't actually do much, just some passing and crossing exercises then a mini match in one half of the pitch.

The crossing exercise was stupid in terms of conditions because the long grass meant my side couldn't cross the ball effectively or at all in some cases.

The mini match was really good and the teams were mixed ability so it provided for a close competition with every player getting lots of touches.

I had lunch and dropped off to sleep until 2 because we were giving a coaching session at Chico's area of Costa Do Sol at 3.

Unfortunately we have had to enforce a bribe on our coaching chief Pingi so we turn up to sessions on time and by on time I mean 15 minutes before it begins. He must be a candidate for the slowest walker ever! That's when he doesn't have malaria of course and when he manages to get out of bed. I think he's had malaria more often then I've had Sudza.

The coaching went really well and made my day I love the enthusiasm the children show and you can't help but come away smiling.

Out of all the areas we coach we both agreed Costa Do Sol is our favorite, this is due to the various little characters which we spend our time messing around with. As well as the normal age group for coaching, U11s upwards, in that area there is a bunch of children who we both provide a sort of creche service for.

The cast of main characters is lead by our

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