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McCammon, ID - McCammon RV Park - site 23

McCammon, ID - McCammon RV Park - site 23, another view

North Logan, UT to McCammon, ID 0 - our route - 69...

North Logan, UT to McCammon, ID 1 - lots of farms on...

North Logan, UT to McCammon, ID 2 - after almost six weeks...

North Logan, UT to McCammon, ID 3 - the 1860 on the...

North Logan, UT to McCammon, ID 4 - more farms and wildflowers

North Logan, UT to McCammon, ID 5 - multicolored hills surrounding farmland

North Logan, UT to McCammon, ID 6

North Logan, UT to McCammon, ID 7 - they farm right up...

North Logan, UT to McCammon, ID 8 - more mountains surrounding the...

Salt Springs Trip 1 - Sheep Rock - for those coming West...

Salt Springs Trip 2

Salt Springs Trip 3 - the main Oregon Trail and the many...

Salt Springs Trip 4

Salt Springs Trip 5 - can you see the swales

Salt Springs Trip 6 - the Salt Springs Geyser

Salt Springs Trip 7 - the first grave at the Salt Springs...

Salt Springs Trip 8-Brigham Young's vision for the Mormon Kingdom - plaque...

Salt Springs Trip 9

Salt Springs Trip 10 - the truck getting ready to dump the...

Salt Springs Trip 11

Salt Springs Trip 12

Salt Springs Trip 13

Salt Springs Trip 14

Salt Springs Trip 15 - it only takes a few seconds to...

Salt Springs Trip 16 - Formation Springs Preserve Trail 1 - lots...

Salt Springs Trip 17 - Formation Springs Preserve Trail 2

Salt Springs Trip 18 - Formation Springs Preserve Trail 3

Salt Springs Trip 19 - Formation Springs Preserve Trail 4

Salt Springs Trip 20 - Chesterfield 1

Salt Springs Trip 21 - Chesterfield 2 - some very well preserved...

Salt Springs Trip 22 - Chesterfield 3

Salt Springs Trip 23 - Chesterfield 4 - and some not so...

Salt Springs Trip 24 - Chesterfield 5- a sod roof home

Salt Springs Trip 25 - Chesterfield 6 - the Moses Muir home,...

Salt Springs Trip 26 - Chesterfield 7

Salt Springs Trip 27 - Chesterfield 8 - another sod roof

Salt Springs Trip 28 - Chesterfield 9

Salt Springs Trip 29 - Chesterfield 10

Salt Springs Trip 30 - Chesterfield 11

Salt Springs Trip 31 - downtown Salt Springs

Pocatello Trip 1 - we found this scene in McCammon on the...

Pocatello Trip 2 - Bannock County Historic Museum 1 - a dental...

Pocatello Trip 3 - Bannock County Historic Museum 2 - an actual...

Pocatello Trip 4 - Bannock County Historic Museum 3 - the general...

Pocatello Trip 5 - Fort Hall Replica 1 - the fort

Pocatello Trip 6 - Fort Hall Replica 2

Pocatello Trip 7 - Fort Hall Replica 3

Pocatello Trip 8 - Fort Hall Replica 4

Pocatello Trip 9 - Fort Hall Replica 5 - a schooner and...

Pocatello Trip 10 - Zoo 1

Pocatello Trip 11 - Zoo 2

Pocatello Trip 12 - Zoo 3

Pocatello Trip 13 - Zoo 4 - coyote or wolf?

Pocatello Trip 14 - Zoo 5

Pocatello Trip 15 - old town Pocatello

Pocatello Trip 16

Pocatello Trip 17

Pocatello Trip 18 - a new street!

Pocatello Trip 19

Good roads and light traffic made for a leisurely 69 mile drive from North Logan, UT to McCammon, ID today. It was through farm country but we are not sure what they were growing. Most of what we have seen looks like hay or some kind of feed but we did see one corn field today. One of the interesting points on the way was the little settlement of Franklin, ID. In 1860, believing he was still in the Utah Territory, Brigham Young brought a group of settlers here to settle in one of the finest valleys he had seen. Twelve years later an official survey showed that Franklin was in Idaho Territory. It became the first white settlement in Idaho. McCammon is about 22 miles Southeast of Pocatello, ID. We are staying at the McCammon RV Park which is part of the Chevron station, across the highway from the Flying J, but positioned quite aways back from it so there wasn't too much road noise. Even though the train track was only about a half-mile away, it didn't bother us either. We have 50 amp full hookups and were able to find the satellite without trouble. Like many of the campgrounds out here, we have side-by-side hookups again but the campground is mostly empty so with any luck, we will not get anyone next to us.

Monday we headed for Salt Springs, ID which was an important way point when heading across the Oregon Trail. The main trail to Oregon and California starts in Independence, MO. One of the first cutoffs from that main trail is just West of Salt Springs near Sheep Rock on the Bear River. This cutoff is the Hudspeth Cutoff and was a shortcut to the California Trail. Those that didn't take that cutoff went on to Fort Hall a bit farther Northwest and then made the decision whether to continue on to Oregon or turn South and go to California. While near Salt Springs we saw Sheep Rock, an area where the swales are still evident from the wagon trains, the Salt Springs Geyser, the hot slag being dumped by the Monsanto phosphorus plant and then on the way back visited Chesterfield which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

Tuesday we stayed in and worked around the Mothership. Doris got all of our laundry done and I worked on a few little things requiring maintenance. Other than that we just relaxed and watched our Gators lose the College World Series. :(

Wednesday we went to Pocatello to see the museum there which includes a replica of the old Fort Hall and the Pocatello Zoo. The museum was very well done and they had some really nice exhibits. Doris said we had to stay out of museums as they make us feel old when we recognize too many items!! The zoo was nice but small and located on a tall hill. We did get our hike in there but, alas, no hiking badges. Speaking of hiking badges, that was one of my jobs Tuesday to get caught up on mounting them on our sticks. We are running out of room on the stick. I guess we will either have to get new sticks or quit hiking!

Tomorrow, Thursday, we move on to Twin Falls, ID for a five night stay. We don't really need five days but with the holiday approaching, you have to make sure you have some place to park the Mothership until all the craziness passes.

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