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Berkley Plantation Entrance

the main house

james River visible from afar

Garden path

Dinner Bell

View of the James from the front yard

another James River view

More garden path

Magnolia blossom

visual distance from the river's edge to house

Entrance to the walking path


Williamsburg's Chickahominy House


Ice house with underground tunnels




Necessary house

a monster oak tree

salamander onthe brick

kitchen house

Virginia state route 5 runs between the cities of Richmond and Williamsburg crossing the Chickahominy River while paralleling the James river. Interestingly enough, all the plantations are privately owned. Only a bus tour could make the tour of five plantations in one day!

We chose Westover Plantation, named for Henry, fourth Lord Delaware, son of Thomas West, Governor of Virginia. These plantations are expansive including the grounds. We wondered at the perseverance of these settlers. For example, most of these homes are handmade bricks. Each plantation is self sustaining-church, library, ice house containing a secret passageway to escape the Indians. Obviously, the white man took over the Indian territory. There are still several tribes in existence today. Back to the buildings-My personal favorite is the Necessary House accommodating 5 persons at once! Let's not start that tradition.

In 1668 William Byrd,"Black Swan of Westover" bought Westover. An interesting fact is Byrd had a 4,000 book library. Notice I said "had". Sadly enough they burned during the War between the States.

Food is becoming more appetizing these days due an appetite enhancer(no I didn't say male enhancer!). We had lunch at the 46 year old Chickahominy House. Their specialty is pan ham biscuits, a to die for chicken salad(yogurt dressing, craisins, celery, etc). Having worked in Williamsburg for +/- fourteen years, I had been many times. It was a pleasure to introduce this restaurant to Corky.

You guys forgive me for my tardiness. My legitimate excuse is my busy,daily medical social life. I will have some medical news as the answers are definite. Come back cause we are on an adventure my 4 "off" days per month allow.

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