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Just before we got outside to take this the rainbow was vivid...

Loved the dark sky behind the mountain. The foreground is one of...

Neat light and shadows on the mountain.

Good Morning.

I'm sitting at the Centennial Community Center doing my 4 hours of watching the phone and greeting people as they come in. I always dread when they ask a question as I seldom know the answer. I can at least give them the password to the WiFi and show them where the outlets are.

So – to catch you up from last week. Thursday and Friday we puttered around the house. Ron got the caulk on the roofs of both Rvs. I got some laundry done. I made out grocery lists. You know all the little things that you have to do.

We are getting the History1 Channel for free for a few weeks and I've become addicted to Pawn Shop. It is a lot better than American Chopper that I used to watch. The fights aren't nearly so violent - just kinda kidding yelling matches. It is kinda neat to see how they set the prices for the stuff they buy. So I watched a few episodes of that while I was vegging out.

Saturday we went to Parker for groceries. We first went to Wallyworld to check on prices of OTC meds and Ron picked up some slippers and new shoes. Then we went to CVS and the OTC stuff was cheaper there so we stocked up on some vitamins that we were getting low on. I've been setting up the meds container with extra Vitamin C and D while we have been fighting this crud. I hope it has helped.

Then we went to Safeway. I had printed off some coupons plus what was on sale so that helped. Ron had our regular grocery list. Between the two lists – we got over $200 worth of groceries. That was after the $47 off because of our coupons and saver's card. The manager was checking out and thanked us for his job security.

It rained off and on Saturday night and Sunday but the caulk held. No drips in the RV. In fact we had the opposite problem – no water. Something electrical burned out at the entrance of the electrical connection at the pump house. So there was no water when we woke up. We had enough in the tanks for flushing in the motorhome and about 2/3 of a tank in the 5th wheel. So we showered and did dishes in the 5th wheel. Later the in the afternoon, Walter got the pump in the compound connected to our system so we had water. The first thing Ron did was to fill both fresh water tanks. So now we can go for about 2 weeks if the well goes down.

Sunday I paid for being out and about on Saturday. I didn't sleep well because of coughing most of the night and I was just plain bushed. I took a couple naps and mostly sat around and watched TV. We watched the Oscars and then turned off the light and went to sleep.

I must have slept very well last night as I feel good this morning. I still have my hacking cough but no more of the deep – cough up a lung – type cough. Maybe we will get better before spring after all.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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