Rallye Med 2010 travel blog

padling in the Ionian sea


Dinner with David and Lorraine

These roads will be great when they are finished!

We paddled in the Ionian sea near our hotel before heading off once more into the twisty hill roads, stopping at Gerace, a lovely hill top old town with fabulous views back to the sea and inland.

Lovely traffic free drive to the north side of the peninsular before picking up the autostrada with yet more road works and Italian drivers two inches from our rear bumper.

The ferry to Messina in Sicily was quick and efficient and we were soon enjoying Taormina - once we had found a car park and walked the 247 steps up. We had ice cream (Cassata de Sicilia, of course) and visited the Greek/Roman amphitheatre whence the views of Etna would have been excellent if it had not been obscured by cloud. The other views were stunning.

We are now in Caltanisetta and have been well excercised walking into the old town and back from our hotel on the outskirts. The town is very run down and rather reminiscent of Poland 15 years ago. However there are a few nice buildings in the centre and we visited the cathedral. There appear to be no taxis in the town, but the hotel promises that they will reserve one to take us and David and Lorraine to a local restaurant and bring us back. Let's hope so!


The taxi was smart, prompt and clean. We have just eaten the best meal of the rally so far with excellent, friendly service and truly fabulous food. Caltanisetta looks much better by artificial light and better still the taxi was there on time to take us home. A really wonderful and unexpected evening.

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