Earl and Linda on the Road Again 2010 travel blog

Views on the way to Waterton Lakes, Alberta

So Beautiful

Dressed for 60 degree weather

We are on a side road, very scenic, and very winding.

So many horses and always looking so free

Free range cattle

This one seems to be interested in what the crazy tourist are...

Wild flowers in abundance

Motorcycles are every where and loving the winding roads I am sure

Signs of the results of a major fire in 1998. We saw...

This rock was standing in an area entirely on its own

More Free Roaming Cows

This lane belonged to her

Amazing Place


Approaching the Prince of Wales Hotel

Perfect time to enjoy the wildflowers

Built in 1927

This is the view from our lunch table

Again looking out the window at lunch. I could have stayed for...

Hotel Lobby

I found a friendly man

After lunch we went outside to take this picture

It was so windy that it was pushing us side ways

Kayaks getting ready to go out, they also had pedal boats, and...

So peaceful

Rapid stream, just beauty every direction you look

Another picture of the stream

Can you imagine how many pictures are not in the journal??? So...

Perfect day

Lake goes on forever

Mountains and Blue Sky

Anothern picture of Prince of Whales Hotel

This deer was walking thru town

One of the parks in town

Pretty park, even though the entire town is a park

Another town deer, just lounging in the front yard of this house

He could have cared less that we were so interested in him

This side of the lake was so windy and the other side...

Beautiful blue water and blue sky


Wind surfer

They were all having so much fun biking around town

Others were taking the tour boat, alot to do

Another great view

A group of Bentleys Touring together

Headed back into the USA

This guy was in a hurry

This lane belonged to her

I think she was trying to tell us this was her lane

Great Face

Laying around next to the road

This is the results of a fire in 1998

We had dinner here after getting back from the park

Mountain Goats, check out the baby. Amazing to walk these guys slide...

This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places I have been to. I loved it.

We only planned a day here, and would love to come back and spend a week or two just hanging out here.

The Prince of Wales Hotel is one of the most photographed hotels in the world, per our travel literature. It sit up high above the water looking at the beautiful blue lake and the mountains.

When driving thru town we had to stop and let a deer cross in front of us. They do not seem to mind people at all. We even saw one laying in someones front yard eating and watching the tourist drive by. They could have cared less about us.

On the way to Waterton we drove thru an animal free range area and saw so many cows in the road, love it and took way to many pictures, just so funny to see them walking in the road or just standing and looking at us.

While in Waterton Lakes, we saw people kayaking on the lake in calm waters and on the other side of the lake it was so rough they were windsailing. Bikes were everywhere in town. Tour boat was out on the lake, so much going on and so little time. There is a campground in Wateron Lakes, and definately we will go back and spend time there either in a lodge or camping. Just to beautiful to only go once.

We had lunch at the Prince of Wales Hotel, and our view was awesome.

We had dinner at the Issac Walton Hotel, very interesting place with the train running right next to the hotel and dining room. We had a vegetable served to us and we could not figure out what it was, ask and found out it was parsnip, very interesting texture and flavor.

On the way back we passed by a herd of Mountain Goats climbing and playing on the hill, on baby that was so much fun to watch.

END of another fun day.

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