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Monday afternoon we received a call from Ron's sister in CA. She had just called the paramedics and they transported their Mother to the hospital. Mom had been living with Renee since Dad passed away in 2000, first in her own trailer in the back yard and more recently in the house.

About an hour later, the call came that Mom had passed away. Her blood pressure had just decreased and she became unresponsive and then died. She was 92 1/2.

The services will be later in September when we will meet in SD to bury her ashes next to her husband, a son and a daughter. She will be missed.

Tuesday morning we packed up from our daughter's house and moved back to the RV. Ron had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon at 2 pm in Brighton so we headed out for unknown territory. Found the office without much trouble and was impressed with the attentions of the staff. We also liked the Dr.

It turns out that the left wrist was only bruised and the splint on it for a week healed it. There was no tenderness or bruising as the Dr. examined it. The right wrist showed the old break from Ron's basketball playing days and the new break. It is a simple fracture and they put a cast on it.

When I explained that we would be leaving the state at the end of the month he scheduled an appointment to check the break in a couple weeks and perhaps change the cast to a brace. He also scheduled a bone density test for next week.

Wednesday we went back to work at Howell. They had used the blinds we purchased last week so that job was finished. Our next task was to shorten the display stand we assembled in the Raptor Center a couple weeks ago. It was too high to fit under the sloped ceiling. Taking apart the first panel was quite a learning curve. The 2 x 4 frame was put together with screws, glue and biscuits. But we finally got it apart and cut down. It took all morning as we assembled the right tools and did the work.

By lunch time we were both pooped so we spent the afternoon in the RV resting. Hey, the man needs to heal, right? We will finish the other two panels today.

So that is where we are today. We will be adjusting our travels after the Escapade to go back to South Dakota as soon as arrangements are made for the internment services. We will continue here at Howell until the 30th when we will move to the Jackson Elks Campground and spend a bit more time with our daughter. We have canceled out the Gypsy Journal Rally but will do the Escapade and the Chapter 46 rally. We decided 3 rallies in a row were a bit too much.

So those are our curves in the road. We will see you next Sunday - Keep smiling - it makes people wonder what you are up to. HUGS!!

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