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Digby, NS - Digby Campground - Site 34

This guy was sitting on a pole at our last site in...

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 1

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 2

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 3

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 4

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 5

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 6

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 7

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 8 - these were the blueist hydrangeas we...

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 9

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 10

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 11

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 12

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 13

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 14

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 15

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 16

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 17

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 18

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 19

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden 20

Fort Anne Historic Site 1 - The first two of four tapestry...

Fort Anne Historic Site 2 - The third and fourth tapestry -...

Fort Anne Historic Site 3 - the powder magazine which is the...

Fort Anne Historic Site 4 - the outside of the magazine

Fort Anne Historic Site 5 - the view from the top of...

Fort Anne Historic Site 6 - another view of the Annapolis River...

Fort Anne Historic Site 7 - a couple of the many cannons

Fort Anne Historic Site 8 - it was officer's quarters - now...

Fort Anne Historic Site 9 - another of the cannons - this...

Port Royal Historic Site 1 - the entrance to the complex which...

Port Royal Historic Site 2 - the commons room

Port Royal Historic Site 3 - 31 beds, all but three bunks,...

Port Royal Historic Site 4 - no hardware used in these joints!

Port Royal Historic Site 5 - the artisans room

Port Royal Historic Site 6 - the chapel

Port Royal Historic Site 7 - a gentleman's room - notice the...

Port Royal Historic Site 8 - the leader's (Sieur de Mons) quarters

Port Royal Historic Site 9 - the storeroom

Port Royal Historic Site 10 - the trading room

Port Royal Historic Site 11 - the forge room

Port Royal Historic Site 12 - the kitchen

Port Royal Historic Site 13 - the other side of the kitchen

Most signs at the historic sights were in 3 languages - English,...

Downtown Annapolis Royal

Downtown Digby, NS - the statue commemorates the Korean War

Another shot of Digby - the yellow restaurant is where we ate

Colorful fishing boats in one of the harbors

Ferry 1 - the ferry that will take us across the inlet

Ferry 2 - the current is really strong between the two islands

Ferry 3 - boats as we pull into the other side

Ferry 4 - kelp growing on the bulkhead shows how high the...

Ferry 5 - waiting for the ferry on the way back -...

Ferry 6 - one of the boats we saw earlier now heading...

Ferry 7 - another one - this one looks like a whale...

Ferry 8 - here comes our ferry

Ferry 9 - coming out of the fog, fighting the current

Ferry 10 - it looks to be pretty full

Ferry 11 - the first car coming off

Nice blue skies but here comes the fog - you cannot predict...

Road Construction 1 - they don't use any flagman but instead use...

Road Construction 2 - it's getting a little foggy on this bridge

Road Signs 1 - What do all of these mean?

Road Signs 2 - a couple of new ones here - what...

Road Signs 3 - can you spot the new one? - it...

Road Signs 4 - wow! I wonder what the new one here...

Road Signs 5 - one of these is a variation on the...

Road Signs 6 - can you spot the variation on this one

An Osprey in its nest on a utility pole

An Osprey above its nest on a utility pole

Mill Falls along the Mersey River in Kejimkujik National Park, NS

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Mill Falls in Kejimkujik National Park

We had a very nice 92 mile trip from Grand Pré to Digby, NS. It was one of the best roads we have been on and it only took almost two hours to make the trip. It would have been less but for about 10-15 minutes spent stopped for construction. We are staying at Digby Campground where we have full hookups with 30 amps, temperamental WiFi, good cell coverage and good satellite once I found a way around the tree. The sites are a little small but adequate and similar to most RV parks up here. After setting up, we went into town and had lunch and did a little looking around. Digby is a quaint little village but is full of tourists this time of year.

Wednesday we went sightseeing. First off we went to the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens. This was a very nice garden; nice layout and varied plants with the roses being one of the major attractions. Many of their rose plants dated back to the mid 17th century. Apparently back then the roses only bloomed once a year and it was much later when multiple blooming roses were developed. Of course the newer hybrids were very pretty and I took way too many pictures - but you don't have to look if you don't want!!!

We then went to Fort Anne which is also located in Annapolis Royal. Annapolis Royal is one of the oldest areas in Canada, being settled in the early 1600s. It was the capitol of Nova Scotia before Halifax assumed that duty. It was originally called Port Royal by the French when they occupied it but later called Annapolis Royal by the British when they took over. Please check the links to get more info.

After Fort Anne, we crossed over to the other side of the river and went to see the restored settlement of Port Royal Historic Site. This was a short lived settlement that started in 1605 and is considered to be the next oldest settlement in North America after St. Augustine. They have done a superb job of reconstruction and it was very educational to tour the old buildings.

Next we came back through Digby and went across the bay to take the scenic route out to the point of this narrow strand of land. We were really disappointed as there is such high growth along the highway that you cannot really see anything, scenic or not! We did get to ride a ferry from one of the islands to the next and would have rode another except there was an hour wait and then we would have had another hour wait to get back. It was after 5:00 p.m. by the time we got back home as it was.

Thursday we awoke to the pitter-patter of rain. We actually was woke up during the night when the lightening was exploding, but it was nothing compared to the afternoon frog stranglers in Florida. After a late breakfast we set out for the Kejimkujik National Park, which is about 40 miles from Digby. We were hoping to get to see some wildlife as we have been surprised by the lack of wildlife on this trip. We didn't see any on this trip either except for an osprey that had built a very large nest on a utility pole and a couple of chipmunks crossing the road! We did get to walk a very nice trail to a large falls that had a tremendous amount of water coming over it. The water was very tannic, much like the Tahquamenon Falls we saw in Michigan's Upper Peninsula a couple of years ago. I am sure last night's rain helped out that quantity. Of course they had no hiking stick badges so I will be trying to improvise with a couple of lapel pins.

Tomorrow we head for Shelburne, NS and a two-night stay at The Islands Provincial Park. We will be dry camping so that stop will not be posted until Sunday at the earliest and maybe Tuesday.

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