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I like Grandma's little home!

Dinosaur helps me walk!

My party!

Check out the finger!

Daniel & fam in background!

Christina & the Daddy Monster!

I think I can eat this!

Yum..Good for me!

Howard always does the gravy!

So good!

Terri, Clint, Liliana, Daniel

Just wanted to check in and drop off a few paragraphs to let y'all know we've been back in the Bay Area of San Francisco since the middle of November when we first arrived in Half Moon Bay to celebrate (Terri and Clint's) Liliana's first birthday. We had a perfect parking spot for the motorhome right in front of their house with an electric hookup to power us through the cold nights. There was a big party at the local Round Table Pizza parlor with all the families gathered from near and far. Liliana seemed to know she was the center of attention and immediately dove into her very own chocolate cake and posed for the many photo ops! Also a major announcement: Terri and Clint are expecting another baby, gender unknown at his time, the end of May 2011!

From Half Moon Bay we crossed the Golden Bay Bridge heading north to Petaluma where we had a marvelous Thanksgiving with Norm, Wendy and our combined families. Christina, who recently turned 4, and Daniel who is 15 1/2, with Liliana....all entertained us along with the menagerie of dogs and cat. Our dinner was sheer perfection and reuniting with Wendy's mom and step-mom, Chris and Margo, delightful.

We are parked at the Elk's Lodge here in Petaluma and will use this as our home base for the next few weeks. The weather has been clear and cold but we are very warm and cozy, especially now that Howard has fixed our hydronic diesel furnace. We had been told that the circuit board needed to be replaced but Howard found a relay that was loose and figured he might as well try to solder it first...and lo and behold it worked. That quick-fix saved us $500, at least for as long as it works!

We'll be here for awhile so check back for more photos!

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