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Downtown Rapid City

The Presidents Information Center

James Monroe

Bush 41

You may have noticed that I’m running a couple of days behind. In general the weather has been great during our stay in the Black Hills, except for the deluges that happen every night. We seem to have heavy rain, hail, thunder and lightning, but no wind virtually every night between 2200 and 0600. When you are staying in a fiberglass tube, the rain and the hail make a lot of noise. The campground folks have to move all of the dirt and gravel that washes downhill back uphill every day to re-grade the roads. The storm we had yesterday morning was particularly bad with a close in lightning strike that sounded like an artillery round landed in the campground. It fried the wireless router, so no internet access our last 2 days at the campground.

We had planned to go to Devil’s Tower National Monument today, but decided to visit Rapid City, City of Presidents, and then get packed up to leave tomorrow. Some cites have statues of cows (Wilmington), horses (Gettysburg), or , it seems that Rapid City has adopted a theme of the City of Presidents and has life size bronze statues of 35 of the 44 presidents placed on street corners around the downtown area. The entire project is funded by private money even though it brings in visitors to the city.

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in the Black hills for nearly 2 weeks. We’ve had a great time and hope that you guys have enjoyed this trip as much as we have. We’ll be leaving South Dakota on July 14 and head into Wyoming.

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