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Outside the Kokugikan

Leix and sumo wrestlers

ceremony before the bouts

big guy Yamamotoyama

He won the bout

Our favourite wrestler, Koto-Ousyu from Bulgalia

We had a chance to go and watch Japanese national sport “Sumo”.

Sumo is a Japanese traditional sport with a history spanning many centuries. The rule is very simple, you lose when you are pushed out of the ring, or touch the ground with anything than the soles of your feet. However it is a very technical sport with many different moves.

Japanese are all crazy about Sumo and they are all excited when Sumo season starts. When we walked inside the Kokugikan (National Colosseum of Sumo) we instantly felt enthusiasm with loud cheering voices. There are a quite few wrestlers from overseas, Mongolian, Russian, Bulgarian etc. The most popular Sumo wrestler is Asasyouryu from Mongolia and he has the highest ranking in Sumo, Yokozuna.

Lexi enjoyed watching Sumo for the first time, and she’s become a big fan. We often watch it on TV when Sumo is on cheering for our favourite wrestlers. Sumo is also fun to watch for Westerners as the sport includes many ritual elements and Japanese traditions. For example wrestlers throw a handful of salt on to a ring before a bout for purification. It is very ancient and traditional. We are looking forward for the next season in May, and will probably go and watch it again!!

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