Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

Errr - not best pleased at his point!

...Thats the river - about 20 metres wide!!

...theres that ickle river again, looking even smaller!

First victim....

Go Superman - you just need to stop shaking first!



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Yup - starting to get uncomfortably nervous!

(MP4 - 3.94 MB)

Bungeeeeeee! Had no idea I'd screamed like a girl QUITE this bad!...

RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! OHHHHH MYYYYY GOD - Easily the most frightening thing I've ever done! Not much to say really - cable car to pod, jumped, sh*t myself, bounced back up!

Annnnddd, strapped my camera to my wrist and got the lot on video! WOOO HOOOOOO! (Screamed like a girl too!)

Went on the Gondola to the top of the mountain thats at the back of queenstown and had loads of goes on the Luging circuit.

Also did a body board session down the river, great fun but no pics. Going Rafting tomorrow so that should have some pictures with it.



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