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The quilt Judy made for us.

Fire and Water show at Branson Landing in the rain

We spent the last week in Ozark, Missouri, about 25 miles north of Branson. We stopped in Ozark to visit with Bob’s sister Judy and her husband Russ. There are only 2 campgrounds in the Ozark area and we decided on Ozark RV Park that is conveniently located less than a mile from Judy and Russ’s house. It is also located across the road from McDonald’s and in a gully between two convenient store gas stations. It is a “no-frills” park with, horrors, no wi-fi……but great cable TV. It is within walking distance of four antique malls so if you are into antique shopping this is the place to stay in Ozark. Of course we had to check our all of those and a couple more in downtown Ozark.

We spent most of the week visiting with Judy and Russ. Judy is a great cook and we had dinner with them several times this week. Russ recently had two back surgeries so while Bob took Russ to his physical therapy sessions Judy helped me with a quilting project I have wanted to attempt for about a year now. It is a different technique, paper piecing, that I first heard about from Pidge our trip journal buddy in Indianapolis last year. After the initial challenge of learning to do something different it turned out great and now I plan to do some more quilting projects. We actually got to Ozark about two weeks ahead of when we had originally planned, we had told Judy we would probably get here about the first week in May. With that in mind Judy was in the process of making us a quilt, our getting here two weeks early meant that Judy was still working on the quilt when we got there. As the week wore on and Judy was frantically working to finish the quilt I figured out that the quilt she was working on was for us. I was right, she finished and gave us the quilt on Thursday. It is beautiful and will look great on our bed with one decorating change, I’m going to need to make new curtains that match it better than the ones I made in December to match the bed spread we bought at Walmart. Oh well, it will be fun to have another project to do and Judy’s hand made quilt will look so much nicer.

Getting together with Judy and Russ has been great we really enjoyed catching up and also talking about the good old days. We had a lot of laughs.

The weather has been great all week, sunny and warm but today, Saturday, it rained. There have been some tornado and severe weather warnings all around us for the last couple of days. After breakfast it stopped raining so we drove down to Branson. We walked through downtown Branson and stopped at some neat shops that we had seen last year. It started raining again so we bought an umbrella, we stopped for lunch and then the weather cleared up. We decided to take a short drive to Branson Landing, a huge outdoor shopping mall. The sun was shining so we left the umbrella in the car. By the time we got to the far end of the mall the sky turned black, the wind started howling and it started to pour. We waited out the storm in one of the stores and after about a half an hour we were able to make our way back to the car but got soaking wet and chilled. Because of the rain I was only able to get one picture at the Landing but if you want to see more you can check out our trip journal for April 14th and 18th, 2009.

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