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Our second day of driving took us to Zacatecas - somewhat longer distance than the day before, and this day took us only 8 hours to go 250 miles. Improvement. But, lest you think we are complaining about our group, I think we may have been the only group out of 8 who did not get lost or have serious mechanical problems the whole way. Our group leaders are Bob and Ann Tirk, who have traveled extensively in Mexico and who, by the way, went to the same college Margaret did - Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. Lots of fun comparing experiences.

We arrived at Zacatecas without major incident, had dinner and turned in early. The next morning we left for another day-long bus tour of the city, this time somewhat more interesting than that in Saltillo. We began by going up a very long, very steep hill to a summit where there is a public memorial, hearing along the way lots about the history of this mining and historically significant place. We then went to a couple of churches and museums (the churches are the most architecturally ornate I've ever seen, even in Europe) - our guide was obviously very proud of his town (and his English) and he gave us very detailed explanations of the historical and cultural significance of everything we saw. When we were eventually freed for lunch (undoubtedly disappointing our guide who probably had a "deal" lined up for us as a group!), Blane, Sharon and we found a nice restaurant (unfortunately, most of the other people in our group did also, making it slow) and decided after lunch to break away from the group and look around for the Mercado (market) in hopes of finding some food, of which we were running low. We did, after several false starts, and it was fascinating - lots of animal parts, cheese, vegetables and other things - a combination farmers' market, butcher shop and flea market. You could buy a pig's head and the pan to cook it in - what a deal. We then took a cab back to the campground in time for a big dinner and final set of instructions for our last day of travel with the whole group - the trip to Guanajuato, our ultimate destination.

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