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The weather is great it's still below normal but it's in the 70's and that's good.

We have been busy the last few days. I pulled a U Haul trailer for our X neighbor across the street. They have bought another park model and property in another park. In Kenwood you don't own the property your park model sets on. Plus insurance is higher becuause you are required to have Hurricane Insurance.

Wednesday while I helped them move Linda went to crafts and made Christmas tree ornaments and a lighted flower thingey. Bingo that night I won 2 games a total of a big $10. They had a blood drive here at the park this morning and I gave. We also had a big turn out for a pot luck dinner. I really like Pot lucks if I have't said that to many times before.

Thursday was meet and greet which is always a good time. Their was a big turn out for bean bag baseball which is alot of fun. I also done a quick wax job on the truck.

Friday we went back to Mexico they had Progresso Days to Welcome Back Winter Texans. Which consists of free food, music and other entertainment. It wasn't packed with people like the one they have in March. Alot of people aren't here yet. At the park they have dime bingo and I won a big $1.60. It was a good day

Saturday the park had a yard sale. We went to a flea market. Then the park had a free Dance with a DJ that night.

Today is Cowboy Church this morning. Then Ice Cream and announcements this afternoon.

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