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John standing between the U.S. and Mexico

Day of the Dead statue.

Just resting my bones.

John "enough with the pictures"

Notice the car freshener?

Okay, I know this is weird, but this is the inside of...

The moon is rising

Against the mountains. Telephone wire right through the middle.

We went to Palomas, Mexico again today with Roger & Monique because she had to return her glasses for a correction and it turned out that we had to return our friend Larry’s for a correction as well.

The border crossing was a bit more crowded than before, but it was Monday and many were coming across the border to go to work in the U.S. As we were crossing, Monique took a picture of the border and maybe she got a shot of one of the guards, but they hauled her into the office and made her erase the photo. Roger was getting ready to cross but he remembered that he left his hat in the car, so he did an about face and as he was returning with the hat, the border guard asked him if he had already crossed and was now trying to return. Boy, didn’t know we were traveling with possible terrorist. Whew. And, the worst part, we missed all the excitement cause we went ahead of them to the eye doctor’s office. Darn…do you think they would have let me take a picture?

We ate at the Pink Store again. It’s the free margaritas when you walk in the door. After that, only $3.00 each and after that, I was plastered. I bought a fake Coach handbag and a neat vinyl tablecloth, red with colorful design (will take a photo of it tomorrow). So, since I had heard that other ladies had their fake designer bags confiscated at the border. Well, I was nervous about that, and my decision was to wrap the bag inside the tablecloth. Ta Da!

While we were eating lunch a duo of musicians were stopping at each table to see it they wanted to be sung to. One had an accordion and the other had a guitar. They were singing at the table across from us when I noticed that the guitar player had a car freshener attached to the back of his guitar. Okay, wonder what that was about? Kind of strange, don’t you think?

Now, you know I like to take pictures of doors, but this one is in the ladies stall. Sorry, but I thought the two doors were cool.

We headed home and it was Monday Night Football. Yay! I was so excited. Oh, and yes, the handbag made it across the border. I feel like a sneaky thief. But, it's a cool handbag.

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