Check in here

Park here, space 33, very nice!

"Jack" likes it, too.

We're at 6,200 ft elevation, it's alittle cool at nights still.

We like the pine trees, they provide for lots of animals and...

US Figure Skating Museum and Hall of Fame

to prove she has been here.

Rebecca next to the U.S Chamionship Trophy

Charlotte started it all with a "Charlotte Stop" that is still used...

About Charlotte

early skates from the 1880's'

Axel for whom the axel jump is named.

Salchow for whom the salchow jump is named.

Haines was a pioneer, too!

more about Haines...

club skating.




Scott Hamiltons outfit

some of Scott Hamiltons medals

Tenley Albright also a star

alittle about Tenly Albright

Some of the trophy's you see people

being presented at the skating events, all of the trophy's reside here.

Ok, everyone say, Ahhhhhh . . .

introducing a Black Abert's squirrel.



House Finch

White breasted nuthatch

It’s only 135 miles from Trinidad to USAF Academy on the northwest corner of Colorado Springs. It’s been a dream of Dave’s to come to the academy and visit, he wasn’t smart enough to be here as a student! Also one of his yearnings is to attend church services at the famous Cadet Chapel. So this is going to be a big week for Dave. Rebecca isn’t left out though, as she is a big fan of figure skating and she has discovered, after studying the map, that the US Figure Skating museum and Hall of Fame are here. So many things to see in this area, we’ll have to come back another time for a longer stay.

We found the USAF Academy easily and the FAMCAMP is very nice. Nestled in the pine trees, lots of them. We immediately spotted a new mammal we hadn’t seen before and so many new, to us birds. We can’t wait to sit down with our binocs and ID books.

US Figure Skating Hall of Fame and Museum

For many years Rebecca has been a fan of this sport. She loves nothing better than to watch a figure skating championship on Sunday afternoon. She is knowledgeable of all the latest names and standings. This USFS building is nice and magnificent and all the intriguing skate stuff to a gal like Rebecca. Through the years, Dave has come to appreciate figure skating, too. In his younger years, last century, little Davey and his best friend Louie, would go to the Reno Coliseum for skating. Typically on sat or sun afternoons.

At the museum and hall of fame we spotted many neat memorabilia items of interest and we learned a lot about the origins of skate clubs and the genesis of skates! What’s more we learn how some of the jumps got their names and who they’re named after. Enjoy those pictures, we sure had a great afternoon.

The wonderful little mammal we have never seen before arriving here? It’s the “Black Abert’s Squirrel”, found along the Rocky Mountain range. But usually one would see them as gray with white belly/underside. This variety though is truly unique in that they have totally “dark chocolate” color, BUT we found one that is “blond” in color. We also added several birds to our listing of birds we’ve seen and experienced. Among them are the Rufous Hummingbird, Lazuli Bunting, Great Horned Owl, White-Breasted Nuthatch, Red Crossbill, Black-Headed Grosbeak and others.

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