Welcome to Seaside

the lake on TTN Seaside

one of the club houses on the property

a wonderful pool

breakfast is served on Sat, Sun here

when the tread left it didn't

take too much sheet metal

with it, this time.

Not far down the road from Randle we pulled into an old favorite spot near Mossy Rock for fresh blueberries and pies. When we got out to the coach, Dave noticed we had thrown a trailer tire tread. DARN! A few minutes later with the fresh spare on, we were hauling again. The route to Seaside, OR is fairly easy, and we pulled in to find the right spot for us. Mind you this time of the year along the coast most parks are full and space is premium. We like to make our drives short to get in early afternoon for a good choice of spaces. Next day, what to our surprise we get a knock on the door, it’s friends of ours, Lanny and Melvina. They recognized our coach & truck combo. Our third day in the park was our wedding anniversary (Aug 16th), we shared the dinner time with them and our next door neighbors, Jim & Johan from Hemet, CA. Jim suggested we all go to Riley’s for dinner of halibut and chips. Great suggestion!

Dealing with the thrown tread was another matter altogether different. We have Goodyear’s rubber, the Portland Wingfoot store didn’t have any replacements. The Portland Camping World did, but with out an appointment they put us in a cue for the tire change. Five almost six hours later, (not bad for a 20 minute job), we‘re heading back to the park, with our new spare tire. Ugh! There’s more to the story but suffice it to say, we’ll not bore you with the details…..:(

We’re just glad to have a spare, Dave doesn’t drive without a good spare. “Needless to say he’s a gonna fix the tire problem when we get to Reno”. We’ve been plagued with tire problems, this is the sixth tread loss we’ve had in our 3 years 9 months on the road. Each time something underneath the coach gets beaten up pretty bad. We don’t drive fast, all the tire pressures are checked for each trip, etc…

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