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Tok to Delta Junction to North Pole



Tanana River goes to Fairbanks

Delta Meat Company

Lots of unusual meats & sausages, like Reindeer

And Buffalo - Bison

And Elk meat

Delta Bison Herd 1928 article

Mowing the edges of the highway

Memorial to the Black Veterans who built this portion of the highway

Delta Junction, AK

Terminus of the AL-CAN Highway

Northern Terminus

Left behind road equipment

OH NO!! Alaska Mosquitos

Chatting with Ronnie at the Burger Joint (no this was not McD's)

Alaska Pipeline above ground here

Pipeline bridge over the Tanana River

We startled this lovely lady and she ran away

Glacial melt brings silt, ground up rock, creating islands

Lovely Birch Lake

I always wondered were the Boondox was

We drove past this without getting a photo

Eielson Air Force Base

Our RV Park

Up the Chena River

Down the Chena River

Our campground view from the river

Today's drive was 3.5 hrs doing 199.7 miles.

We drove to Delta Junction, which is the end of Alaska-Canadian Hwy. But before reaching Delta Junction we stopped at the Delta Meat Company and went in to taste the sausage of different wild meats. I have photos of Reindeer, Bison and Elk sausage. They had more in the back and Tina bought several types of steaks and Lisa also bought some sausage.

We stopped for a photo-op of the End of the Highway sign and found an unexpected place for lunch, the Buffalo Drive-In, across the street from the Memorial. They offered Bison Burgers as well as Hamburgers. Adjacent to this was a Farmer's Market which always gets our attention. One of the vendors was a purveyor of CBD products. All the ladies in our group bought cannabis products, even me. She had some oil that I will use on Daisy to calm her for her noise phobia. Hope it works.

We continued our drive to North Pole which was just north east of Fairbanks. We passed by Eielson Air Force Base just southeast of Faribanks. The 354th Fightwe Wing mission is to prepare U.S. and allied aviation forces for combat, to deploy Airmen in support of global operations and to enable the staging of forces to promote U.S. interest in the Asia-Pacific region. Eielson is home to REDFLAG-Alaska, a series of Pacific Air Forces commander-directed field training exercise for U.S. forces, providing joint offensive counter-air, interdiction, close air support and large force employment training in simulated combat environment.

It was named in honor of Carl Ben Eielson, an explorer and hero who pioneered aviation in Alaska more than 80 years ago. He was the 1st aviator to cross the Artic Circle and land an airplane on the North Slope. He also piloted the first flight from North America over the Artic Ocean to Europe in 1928. There is also a mountain named for him in Denali National Park.

After setting up I needed to go shopping for a couple hours catching up with a Bank ATM, Lowes and Wal-Mart. In the evening we sat outside as a group. It was smoky from wildfires surrounding the north of Fairbanks. We are on the Chena River. A few times a week someone puts on a talk about the area and recited Robert Service poems.

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