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History of the Acadia

Description of the dykes and how they used the saltwater marshes for...

Expulsion of the Acadians

The deportation of the Acadians from Canada

24 June

Todays drive of 175 miles south-westward to Annapolis Royal, NS., took us past Grand Pre which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, where we spent several hours learning about the Acadians, people from western France, who settled in this area in the 17th century. We learned about their culture and strife and their success in reclaiming tidal land from the sea creating a paradise for their people by building dikes and creating a method of controlling the tidal seawater flow. The Acadians tried to remain neutral in the many wars and conflicts between the French and English who battled for these lands. The Acadians also had a good relationship and raporte with the local Indians, First Nation Peoples, the Mi’Kmaq. Due to continued conflict with the French the English did not trust the neutral Acadians and forced them off their lands through several expulsions and forced deportations over several years. Thousands were resettled along the US east coast, the Caribbean Islands, or were returned to France. Thousands were lost at sea and many escaped north farther into Canada. The best known to most Americans are the Acadian French in Louisiana, the Cajuns, who are proudly know as the Coon Ass folks in the Bayous.


After touring Grand Pre we continued on to the town of Annapolis Royal and Parkers Cove Ocean Front Campground which looks out onto the Bay of Fundy from the south and toward St John NB. Here at Parkers Cove we toured a lobster packing plant where thousands of lobsters are sorted and kept alive in cages submerged in sea water at just above freezing and are in hibernation. They are packed and shipped to fill orders all over the world. The lobsters are collected from all over the eastern maritimes.

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