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Carpes at Fort McDowell RV park

"Follow That Truck!!!"
To the best burgers on the planet!

At 2,300' elevation the Saguaros appear

Sat, 29 Sep: We head "downhill"...

Relocation day! We left the comparative cool of Cottonwood's 3,100' elevation for the Phoenix Valley, a descent of 2,000' plus. The difference is an additional 5-8 degrees of daytime temps and overnite lows in the 70s rather than the 60s. Our poor a/c and fridge will have their work cut out for them.

We departed our site at Verde Valley Thousand Trails at 0840 and Sandi threaded us along the park's narrow and twisty roads to the main highway. As we'd observed driving in, AZ 260 is a construction zone and they've made some progress, but it is still a chore to drive. The traffic circles are now mostly paved and some are even striped. But still no direction signs so one has to choose which exit to use by guessing.

Once on I 17 south it was no problem descending into the Phoenix Valley. Every time we're on a long and steep downgrade we are thankful for our engine compressing brake. Even on cruise control it kept us at a safe and legal speed even on the steepest sections. We never had to touch our service brakes once.

We transitioned to the AZ 101 loop road east in north Phoenix and it took us along the northern edge of the city and into Scottsdale. We exited into Shea Boulevard in Scottsdale and took it east to the Beeline Highway (AZ 87), which we took north a couple of miles to the Soaring Eagle RV in Fort McDowell.

We arrived a few minutes after eleven, got an assigned site, and were settled in by noon. It is much hotter here than in Cottonwood and the a/c is working hard to keep us cool. We have 50 amp power here so it should have ample "juice" to do its job.

Today's drive was an easy 112 miles with a hill-eating mileage of 7.9 mpg. We'll be here for a week as we undergo several routine checkups at the nearby Mayo Clinic.

Fri, 05 Oct Poke, prod, and inspect...

We've been busy slabs of beef these past four days. This week was our major annual medical checkup time, and we wore a groove in the 7½ miles between the RV park and the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale campus.

We had eye exams, skin checks, procedures, and some prodding that wasn't all that welcome. But, at the end of the week, all checked out OK and there are no issues that require followup. So, overall, it was a good week!

Now that we've gotten all of our delicate insides checked it is time for Carpe Diem to have her turn. Tomorrow we'll head for Tolleson for the coach's annual maintenance. No Medicare for Carpe so this'll hurt us just as much...

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