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Inventive Brush Holder

Steering Wheel Topped with Sun Catchers

We had a list of things to do today, knowing that tomorrow’s storm will keep us inside most of the day. But shortly after breakfast the first in a steady stream of friends stopped by to welcome us back. Before we knew it, it was mid-afternoon. Bill made the first of many trips to the store to get parts (today for a leaky kitchen faucet), while I snuck in a little art time (I’m close to finishing a colored pencil project I started in early November). We walked Mo after supper, and now that it’s dark, Bill is having to empty the gray and black (yucky) tanks, and fill up our fresh water tank. And, of course, the hose on the gross tanks leaked. So, now he has that mess to clean up…in the dark. Oh, the joys of RVing! Last week, when I was packing for the trip, I was trying to figure out how to protect my watercolor brushes during the jostling ride down here. Being the son of an inventor, Bill naturally figured out the perfect solution (see photo). They are still forecasting ice here, up to a quarter inch! I feel sorry for Mo, who will have to do his business in the awful weather. We’re hoping it clears out in time for bingo tomorrow night!

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