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Last cool shot of Sydney Habour Bridge

Sydney Opera House at sunrise

Ready to go Night White-Water Kayaking

At Surf Camp

Byron Bay Lighthouse

Lennox beach

Me SURFING ;-) Look for the cool guy second from left

I was there

Going on a snorkel-with-the-turtles trip

See, I told you!

Sea turtle


Pindsvine fisk? The one from Finding Nemo, round thing with spikes all...

Another sea turtle

My snorkel "buddy"

Look look

Yep, they breathe fresh air just like you and me


Bye bye

Ocean floor, about 8-9 meters below me

Me after the turtle snorkling, wicked fun!

Hey, time for some more funny reading.

After Blue Mountains I spent one last night in Sydney, next morning I was on a bus to Barrington Tops a crazy farm in the middle of no-where. They also had kangaroos on their land, but the best thing was by far kayaking on a white-water river AT NIGHT!

We each had an inflatable single kayak (sit-on-top), and did some test runs before it got dark. I even got to hang out with the instructor and do some spinning around in the white-water while others were resting, because I had some okay experience and skill he said. Always nice to hear you don't suck at something. I got stuck on rocks twice, but got off without flippin... Yeaah

Next stop was Surf Camp. Believe it or not, but I AM SURFING! And it's SO much fun! We should do this at home - definitely. After one cool day of surfing we had a BBQ and I got some not-so-cool diarrhea... #%*&$

Next day the lucky ones without diarrhea got a second surf lesson, I just stayed close to the toilet with a good book. Yummy.

After the surfing we drove for 6 hours all the way to Byron Bay - the ultimate surfing spot on the East Coast (some say). I love it here and am staying for three full days. Very nice. I'm well again and catching up on the surfing lessons, I just booked another one tomorrow! I'm hooked!

Today I've been snorkeling with Sea Turtles!!! It was truly amazing. I got a few good photos, so don't miss them!

Tomorrow was supposed to be my "day off" but as I just wrote, I'm going surfing! :-)

So.. CYA!!


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