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During much of today's drive there were official signs flashing on the road, warning us of severe weather sometime between 11am and 8pm. The lack of precision in this warning was not very helpful and the fact that the sky was more blue than gray, made us wonder what it was all about. Last night bad storms hit near where we live, destroying part of the campground where we used to own a site and store our vehicles. Power lines near a generating station were blown across a major highway south of our town and the expressway was closed. We surely didn't want any experiences like that today and except for some light sprinkles, the weather was benign.

As we neared Boston the traffic grew heavy. The GPS routed us toward I-495, a beltway around the city, but just as we came to that intersection, traffic came to a stop. Ken turned on the CB and heard the truckers say that they were continuing on into the city, so we did, too. It was a good decision and after we came to I-95, we headed north whizzing through New Hampshire and into southern Maine, leaving the heavy traffic behind.

We are camped in a touristy spot, but after all the driving, our motivation to run around and explore is low. It's nice to just chill in the campground for a few hours and wait for that severe weather warning to expire.

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