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Quilt Barn near Enterprise Oregon

Wallowa Lake, Oregon

Reflection, Wallowa Lake, Oregon

Wallowa Lake State Park

Deer camp?

Ground Squirrel

California Quail

Cheif Joseph's tomb

Tribute to Cheif Joseph

Old abandoned homestead in the Zumwalt Prairie

Zumwalt Prairie (Bunchgrass prairie) looking towards Idaho

Joseph Oregon

Zumwalt Prairie, lots of fences for cattle grazing.

A view of Hells Canyon from the north end

Elk range on the prairie too

A very large herd of elk

The Wallowas and Wallowa Lake

The Wallowa State Park has a lot of pine trees. Good fire...

American Dipper on a small creek

Taking the family for a walk

Wallowa Lake late in the day

We followed the Elkhorn Scenic Route, along the Elkhorn Mountains, towards the Wallowas and went through the towns of Enterprise and Joseph. The Wallowa State Park is beautiful. We decided to stay a couple of days here and do some exploring. The next day we had lunch in Joseph, and stopped at a quilt shop. We saw where Chief Joseph was buried but were confused that the tombstone and signs had three different years of death for him.

We stopped at a Forest Service Office and a ranger told me about the Zumwalt Prairie that was nearby. Some long dirt roads took us to the largest bunch grass prairie left in the world. It is pretty unique. It depends on grazing to keep it in its natural state so they encourage cattle grazing. They also have elk there. A LOT of them. There are herds of over 500 there. We saw two of those herds. Impressive. It is a large area, and took a few hours to drive one way before we turned around.

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